Computer Chairs and Stools

computer stools for your home and office.

Have you spent most of your life looking for the perfect computer chair or stool? If you're like me the search continues. There are computer chairs, however, that take ergonomics seriously and offer a level of comfort not thought possible ten years ago. With so much work done on computers and so much business communication conducted by email and surfing the Internet, we are all guilty of sitting way too long in one place and never taking a break. Invest your hard earned money in an ergonomic computer chair or stool, and avoid the nightmare of severe back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other musculoskeletal disorders.

computer chairs and stools for your home and office.
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Computer Chairs and Stools
A computer chair or stool is probably the best investment you will ever make. A stool or chair that is easily adjusted and a joy to sit in, will be an important factor in having a successful office environment.

- computer stools are a popular method for sitting at a computer. Designed for working at all kinds of computer stations where mobility and speed are an asset, a stool may be the answer you are looking for. Are often designed for balanced posture and manual height adjustment which help to remove stress from the back and knees. You can also save on computer stools at - they carry all kinds of stools from ergonomic big person mobile stools to pneumatic swivel stools and operator stools.


Below are some of the popular chairs offered by Global Industrial:

ergonomic chairs

5 way adjustable computer stool This adjustable stool makes your life easier when sitting for extended periods with 5 different adjustments and a contoured seat and back. Made with black urethane foam, this stool is extremely rugged and maintenance free, even in tough working environments. The self skin surface is puncture and wear resistant and wipes clean. The contoured seat and back provide comfort and support. Features an independent seat with a back tilt angle. The back is 35-42" high and 2" deep. It also comes with a pneumatic seat height of 23-33" and a height adjustable chrome foot ring from 8" to 18-1/2"H.

Choosing the Right Computer Chair
When it comes to choosing the right computer chair for you or your office staff, the three most important factors are comfort, adjustability and construction quality. Try to avoid chairs that are unattractive, poorly constructed, have clunky metal and plastic armrests and have undersized hard-to-roll casters. If you have the time also try to make sure that your chair meets or exceeds design and construction standards of The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA), and are approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Here are other important considerations when purchasing your computer chair:

Working Style
What is your working style? How do you sit at your desk? When you work at your desk, do you hunch forward a lot to write in a book or reading and surfing on the Internet, or do you spend a lot of time leaning back while talking on the phone or reading a book? Either way, you should consider a chair that supports your spine in either position and can be adjusted to suit your normal working style. Make your working style known to the manufacturer or the salesman so that they are aware of your needs.

The more adjustable a chair is the better. An adjustable chair is a life saver if you work with both hands on a keyboard all day. Your needs will be different from someone whose primary task is using a mouse. Adjustable features, which are best when you can operate them while seated, often include chair tilt, backrest height and angle, seat height and depth, armrest height and angle and lumbar support. The best chair should reduce excessive reaching, awkward postures and stressful exertions. Adjustability provides adequate support in a variety of sitting postures, and allows variability of sitting positions throughout the workday.

Know where you chair is going to be located and the type of floor it will be on. If you have a carpet, make sure that the chair will roll around smoothly. There are different casters for carpet and a hardwood floor. There is nothing worse than a chair with casters that are too hard for the floor or casters that are too soft for a carpet.

Material of Construction
Leather, Plastic or Vinyl? Nowadays, vinyl is virtually indistinguishable from leather, but even though both materials clean easily, they will be hot to sit on because they don't breathe well. Leather is typically more comfortable, but if you eat at your desk a lot, just know that spills will eventually show. Plastic and vinyl chairs will most likely last longer than leather, but what you may get in terms of longevity will be sacrificed in terms the value you get with leather.

Time to Buy
All of us are usually too busy to take the time needed to make an informed buying decision. But it is impossible, for instance, to know that this is the chair for you after only sitting in it for a few minutes at the store. If it is possible, have the chair delivered to your office and work in it for several days. If it turns out that you're not comfortable in it send it back. Also make sure that the chair is fairly easy to assemble. Ask if you are not completely confident about setting it up yourself.